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At Life Compounding, we offer Veterinarians solutions for your difficult to treat animal patients.

We offer an experienced compounding pharmacist to discuss your needs and come up with a tailored medication for your animals.

There are a number of common reasons that a veterinarian may benefit from using a compounded medication for their animals:

  • Due to the broad range of species and size of animals being treated, there are vast differences in dosage required as commercially available vet and human products are only available in fixed strengths.
  • It is often difficulties for owners to administer their pets medication. For example pets will often turn there nose up at certain medications due to the taste. We can mask the taste using different flavours for your pets, for example beef and liver for dogs and tuna for cats.
  • Discontinuation of previously effective medication or treatments (i.e. TrisEDTA ear cleanser)

At Life Compounding we commonly compound for Veterinarians:

  • TrisEDTA ear cleanser
  • Methimazole transdermal gel
  • Trilostane suspension
  • Gabapentin suspension
  • Hydroxyurea suspension
  • Itraconazole suspension
  • Tacrolimus preparations
  • Anti-inflammatory suspensions: Piroxicam